Legacy Challenge

Getting started on the….


*called the most important environmental vote in our lifetime

*endorsed by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs in 2012

*Almost 700,000 petitions needed (one petition per registered voter)

The challenge to FFGC Clubs ………………….from the Winter Park Garden Club
*reach the milestone of five petitions per Club member at least once (or twice!)
*compete for the $800 cash prize that will be awarded to the Club with the highest
number of petitions on Nov 30, 2013 per Club member.
(Source: membership number taken from FFGC Membership Report, March 15, 2013).

 Are you ready to get started?  We hope so!  Here are the steps.

1. Study up!  Visit the Florida Water and Land Legacy website at   floridawaterlandlegacy.org.  Learn   about the critical situation and the campaign.  Note: The campaign office is in Tallahassee   and the staff includes field coordinators to work with volunteers in your   county.  Contact YOUR field coordinator   and monitor his/her weekly emails for events at which to collect   signatures.  
2. Get board approval.    Educate your board about the   situation and the campaign.  Remind   them that the FFGC board ask members to get involved.   Ask your board to set a goal to get campaign petitions completed and signed at a rate of at least 5 petitions per Club member.  Decide if the Club wants   to set a goal to win the $800 cash prize offered by the Winter Park Garden   Club.  See challenge description below.
3. Appoint a chair.  You’ll need a “legacy   campaign champion/chair” to run   your Club’s campaign and to order petitions from the campaign office in   Tallahassee.  This job is part educator,   cheerleader and recordkeeper.
4. Order petitions.    Request the club’s legacy   chair to contact the campaign   office in Tallahassee to order petitions at campaign@floridawaterlandlegacy.org.   or call 850-629-4656.  Requestors will   be sent petitions, a poster, volunteer buttons and some fact sheets.  Note: petitions are official state   forms.  Please don’t make copies of the   form. They are not available on line.The campaign   office will send more petitions quickly when requested.   The requestor will start to receive weekly   enewsletters from the campaign office which contain progress reports and   recognition to persons and organizations sending in the highest number of   petitions.
5. Fire up members!  Get petitions signed!!  Get   members educated and excited. Then,1.  ask your members to complete and sign the   petition.2.  give members “starter kits” of 10 petitions   each along with a fact sheet.  Ask them   to have their family, friends, neighbors sign.  Be ready to give a member another set of   petitions when he/she turns in the first set.3. encourage members to   collect signatures at public events and sites.  Ask them to view the “Volunteer Signature   Gathering” training video on the campaign website (resources section). Each  week, the campaign’s field coordinators   send out emails of events listed by county.    The club’s  “champion” should   monitor these emails and then ask members to sign up a volunteer opportunity   via links in the emails.  The   “champion” may find other opportunities such as libraries, music and arts and   crafts festivals, farmers markets, etc.
6. Send in petitions to campaign office each Monday.  Gather the   petitIons from members and send them into the campaign office each   Monday.  Be sure to add a note that   gives the names of the individuals who collected signatures, plus the name of   your garden club, city and FFGC.  Note:   don’t mark on the petitions.  Post-it   notes work well here

Questions?  Contact campaign office @ 850-629-4656 or
Pat Carver, FFGC Water & Wetland chair @352-567-3844  or
Mary Dipboye, Winter Park Garden Club Legacy Chair @ 407-340-9680.