The Winter Park Garden Club supports a number of programs to promote conservation and environmental awareness, education of our youth, opportunities for personal enrichment, civic involvement and community beautification. Following are some of our ongoing programs and projects:

The Florida Water and Land Legacy Campaign and Challenge
The Winter Park Garden Club is offering a cash prize of $800 to the FFGC Club that submits the most petitions per Club member by Nov. 30, 2013.
The campaign is about to make the petitions available on line.  However, people will need to print out the form, complete & sign it and then mail it to the campaign office in Tallahassee.  Or they could drop off with a group which is sending in many petitions.

To learn more please visit:
For FFGC membership data please visit:

Wekiva Youth Camp Scholorships (FFGC Project)

Scholarships are given to promote nature and environmental education for boys and girls. Information and Application for Wekiva Youth Camps.

Winter Park Day Nursery

The Winter Park Garden Club continues to support activities with the Winter Park Day Nursery. We collect art supplies for the children during the winter holidays.

Community Outreach

Each month a floral arrangement or plant is presented to an individual or organization as a Thank You for their important contributions to our community and increase our club’s visibility in the community.

Fun with Flowers

a make and take floral design class, is offered and open to the public to teach hands-on enjoyment of arranging flowers.


Hospice mugs

filled with flowers, are prepared and presented each month to Hospice of the Comforter clients. A decorated Christmas tree, complete with natural ornaments, is presented each year to a hospice family.

Backyard Habitats

A program sponsored by the University of Florida and the National Wildlife Federation to promote and expand gardening for wildlife. Members will be encouraged to discover the wonders of nature in their own backyards by providing water, food, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young.

Container Gardening

An FFGC project to promote gardening for members who can no longer maintain a large garden at their home. Club members will bring patio plants for a member that has been selected for a patio garden to be installed in their home.

Penny Pines (NGC Project)

This project is in partnership with the USDA Forest Service for the reforestation of forest areas that have been destroyed by fire or other natural catastrophes. A donation of $68 to Penny Pine Plantation will contribute to the costs of replacement of trees (not just pine trees) indigenous to a particular area.For information, call the Winter Park Garden Club at 407.644.5770 or email